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Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Ceramic Fiber blankets are made from highly pure materials such as silica sand and alumina powder. In their production process, these raw materials, among others, are melted at high temperatures, passing through two different processes of blowing, and creating filaments that can be interwoven with needles forming a blanket. It is a perfect product for use in high temperatures, low weight, easy operation and installation. It has low conductivity and low heat storage. It can be used in applications with temperature ranging from 538 °C to 1480 °C. High tensile strength for longer durability.


Generally used in processes with extreme temperature changes, for periods of extended use of ovens. Refining and petrochemical industries, pyrolysis furnaces and reformers, high temperature pipes, steel industry and ceramics industry. And other applications such as roof insulation, refractory linings, fire protection.